Ryan Reynolds


Evansville, Indiana

Ryan Reynolds

Managing editor, Evansville Courier & Press. Board member, Indiana APME. Board member, Hoosier State Press Association Open Records Committee.


EDITORIAL: Convenience vs. safety

Come January, there will be another push in the Indiana Legislature to require Hoosiers to produce a doctor's prescription to purchase medicines containing pseudoephedrine. It is an effort spearheaded in part by local leaders and some members of the Southwestern Indiana delegation for years, but such proposals have never even been pushed out of committee.
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EDITORIAL: The transient nature of minor league sports

Ever heard of the Arkansas RiverBlades? The Bakersfield Condors? The Louisville RiverFrogs? They're all among the dozens of former ECHL hockey franchises that, for one reason or another, closed shop or left the towns where they played. Often, teams fled for what they thought would be greener pastures.
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EDITORIAL: Winter’s coming, but how much?

Did you know that a lot of snow is going to fall in Evansville this year? Did you know there'll be hardly any snow at all this year in Evansville? As the weather turns colder, professional meteorologists — and those who do it only as a hobby — are churning out their winter weather outlooks. The Farmer's Almanac says our region will be "snow filled and frigid."
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Ryan Reynolds

I'm in the senior citizens club for the "new media" generation. I'm old enough that I worked with newspapers that did actual paste-ups on graph sheets, and young enough that I was in on the ground floor with the digital age of journalism.

Today, I'm part of a news organization that is committed to covering its community in a way that no one else can: Breaking news around the clock, in-depth watchdog journalism, features on local people and commentary on local issues. The Courier & Press staff is made up of people who care about their city and strive to be *the* local news and information resource for its residents.

Why journalism? Because no two days are ever alike, it's fun to be "in the know" and now, more than ever, it's crucial to be a reliable, accurate means of telling people what's going on in the world around them.



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